The vision


Back in 2015, we started flirting with the idea of actually making our overland dream reality. With a combined experience of zero serious camping trips, we first needed a way to make sure this was actually our thing, preferably without spending all of our savings on the perfect overland rig.

Before heading into Africa we decided to do a test-trip to see if we are made for camping life, a trip without having reservations for all nights.

First things first, we needed a car. We recently moved and Charlotte now needed a car for commute, so we combined two virtues. We bought a reasonably priced Toyota Landcruiser 90 from 2001. For an overland vehicle it’s rather small. But buying a bigger and heavier car would be ridiculously expensive because of the Dutch taxes. So we had to pick and pack wisely. Once we got the car we bought a second hand Eezi-awn roof top tent (series 3 – 1600).

A three week road trip in Scotland was our test case. We got nights without sleep because of the wind, we got covered with midges during wild camping and we got super cold because of the constant rain. But the next day we could laugh about it, tune into our new favorite radio show and drive off into nature. Happy days, we passed the test! Now we can plan for the real deal, let’s plan our trip to South-Africa!

Why Africa? Well, it’s definitly warmer than Scotland, which is already a plus. It’s the first idea that popped into our heads and somehow it sticked. We are ready for adventure and we know Africa will not disappoint us. We also like the idea that we can drive away from home and spent our first weeks in Europe.