Hank the Tank

Hank is the capable, no frills overlanding machine. This car proves overlanding doesn’t have to be expensive. We are selling the car and all equipment (ready to go) for €9.900. Available from May 2019.

UPDATE: Hank is sold to explore-africa.com and will go on another overlanding adventure to Cape Town!

Hank the Tank is a 2001 Toyota Landcruiser Prado, short wheelbase, left hand drive, with the 1KZ-TE 3000 CC Diesel engine and an automatic gearbox. This model has permanent 4-wheel drive, and the central differential can be locked when off-road or switched to low-range for the really heavy tracks.

Short wheelbase means it only has three doors and two seats, but also that it is lighter than the long wheel base version. In Holland, this was a big advantage for us in road tax, and it’s also better when going off-road.

The 1KZ-TE engine is of the indirect injection type (as opposed to ‘common rail’ – which is typically used in newer diesel vehicles). The advantage of this is that the engine is less susceptible to fuels of lesser quality (which you will encounter in Africa!). We had no issues with fuel whatsoever.

The car has been outfitted for camping purposes. More about camping gear below and the storage system is described in this blogpost: How Hank will carry our stuff

Technical shape

It has 394.350 km on the odometer. The car is in very good shape. We had everything that needed doing done before we started the trip. Halfway in Kigali we brought Hank to the mechanic for servicing.

Here is a list of everything that was done in terms of maintenance before the trip:

  • New timing belt
  • All fluids exchanged (including gearbox)
  • New oil filter
  • New fuel filter
  • New power steering assembly (this was an expensive repair!)
  • Fixed the handbrake
  • New brake disks and pads on the rear
  • Replaced the Air Conditioning radiator and some other parts and refilled the system – nice and cold!


These are the enhancements to the car:

  • Fitted 5 BF Goodrich A/T (All-terrain) KO2 tires on steel rims
  • Fitted Old Man Emu suspension (shocks and springs). The rear springs are rated for a constant load of 300 kg, the front for 150 kg (so basically this setup assumes the car is loaded, whereas a manufacturer will assume the car is empty).
  • Fitted a second battery and charging circuit. This battery is of a special deep-cycle type, that is optimal for ‘leisure purposes’ like running a fridge. The charging system works in such a way that it charges both batteries when driving, and only discharges the leisure battery when stationary (leaving the primary battery always full for starting the vehicle). There are two USB sockets and a cigarette lighter plug in the front of the car, and another set in the rear of the car connected to this battery. 
  • Towing hooks front and rear.
  • New Pioneer radio with USB, Bluetooth and AUX.

Camping gear

This is a list of the most important camping gear in the vehicle:

  • An Eezi Awn Series 3 rooftop tent, with a width of 1.6 meters – comfortably sleeps two. Mounted on the roof on 3 roofbars from Thule. We no longer have the original roof tent cover because it was stolen in Sudan, but a beautiful new water resistant  cover was hand made in Khartoum (full story of that adventure: When new friends got you covered)
  • A Mobicool FR40 40-litre fridge – which will run approximately 48 hours of the second battery after turning the engine off.
  • Two gas cookers
  • Frying pan, two cooking pans and some knives, forks, plates, bowls, cutting boards etc etc.
  • A secondary small ground tent for those windy nights
  • A 2 meter high ‘changing room tent’
  • A toilet seat
  • A first aid kit
  • Bedlinen
  • 3x 20-litre jerrycans for water, of which 1 equipped with a water filter for making the water drinkable.
  • 2 folding chairs and a folding table
  • A Frontrunner 2 meter awning

Other gear

And this is a list of other notable gear in the car:

  • 2x 20 liter steel jerrycans for diesel. When empty, they can be carried outside on the spare wheel. 
  • A T-max compressor for inflating the tires, including a puncture repair set
  • 2 waffle board / sand plates for recovery when the vehicle gets stuck
  • A spade
  • A kinetic tow strap
  • 2x Fire extinguisher (foam)
  • 2x Life hammers
  • Jumpstart cables (not that you need them with a Toyota – but anyway)

These lists are not exhaustive, just ask if you want to know if certain things are there and included in the sale or not. But you can rest assured that this vehicle has everything you need to do a cross-Africa trip (as we have done – and all essentials are included in the sale). Basically the only thing you will have to supply yourself are clothes and toiletries.


Hank in the Albanian alps
Hot days in the Sudanese desert
Conquering the van Zyls pass in Namibia
Enjoying the mud in Kenia