The team

Aboutus2“Each year millions of wildebeest and zebra follow the rains to fresh pastures in the Serengeti and Masai Mara grasslands. Africa’s most dazzling cycles of life. Facing predators to survive while crossing crocodile river.”

Did you hear David Attenboroughs voice? Did you picture the famous footage from Planet Earth? It is probably the most African wildlife scene that exists. Millions of animals migrating into new lands. They cross fields full of lions, savanna’s with packs of hyena’s and that crocodile infested river just to return to the same spot within the year. Damn they must like travel. We are just like them. We’re looking forward to the journey and hope not to get struck by too many dangers of the open road. We’re probably fine – most of the wildebeest are.

We are Guus and Charlotte, both in our late twenties. We met in University and made our first road trip together after a couple of months. A lot of new destinations followed. Most of the time Guus drives and navigates (Charlotte even gets lost in her hometown) and Charlotte will take the pictures.

Because of study (lack of money) and work (lack of time) we always travelled three weeks. During a trip in the USA we really wished we had more time and we started to think big. An overland trip of several months, how amazing would that be! We both like what we do, working as logistics consultant and development manager, but why not take a break?

Yes, there are always objections and risks, we have heard them all. But together with Hank, our home away from home, we believe that we will make the journey of a life time. We have to get used to the unexpected (a challenge for two control freaks) and learn to embrace it. And if life on the road is not for us, then at least we tried.

We are happy to answer your questions, but it may take a while because we are busy fending off lions 🙂