Finishing touches

Booking a shipping date: check! Picking up US dollars: check! Fixing the airco – again – check! The last couple of weeks we worked our asses off to complete all our to do’s. And yes, the nerves did kick in, but we are getting there. Prepping is almost over! Only 6 days left! WHOOOO! Hank … More Finishing touches

Where is everybody?

We took some days off and went to one of our favorite places in the Netherlands for a short getaway: Schouwen-Duiveland, Zeeland. The area has lots of forest that turns into dunes, perfect for walking, cycling and mountain biking. During this break we also discovered Zeelands beaches and they are amazing! We both grew up … More Where is everybody?

Vive la France!

The best way to prep for a big trip is to go on a little trip. We also needed a break, so we went to see beautiful Normandy in France. Via Bray-Dunes, on the border between Belgium and France, we drove to Yport and √Čtretat. This area is best known for its chalk cliffs, which … More Vive la France!

Work in progress…

The car needed an upgrade to be ready for the African road. After some research and chats with 4×4 specialists we knew what we wanted to adjust. We brought our car to Hans Bolink. He shared our vision: upgrade the tires and suspension and fix all parts that are in poor condition and may break … More Work in progress…