Roadmovie Ethiopia

A little later than usual (actually, we completely forgot we had not uploaded the roadmovie for Ethiopia yet). Have a look at what we experienced in Ethiopia while not in Simien Mountains and Lake Turkana (separate movies for that).


Driving through Ethiopia is not necessarily a relaxed activity. There are people and animals (cows, donkeys, goats, chicken, horses) everywhere on the road. We almost lost control of the vehicle after nearly killing a baby goat. Although the animals are unpredictable, the people are even worse. Although they come in different types. Type one is … More Farangi!

The Simien Mountains

Luckily the border between Sudan and Ethiopia reopened after a week of intense tribe fighting, so we could cross according to plan. After two hours of paperwork, fingerprints and changing money we were in Ethiopia! And what a difference! It’s so green! We stayed three days in Gonder to recharge and resupply, before we took … More The Simien Mountains