Rocks, sand and sea

From the Skeleton Coast we wanted to drive to Spitzkoppe, but we had to make a pitstop in Swakopmund. Charlotte was not feeling well for days now and it was only getting worse so we went to see a doctor. An IV drip later and with a bunch of medicine we continued our way to Spitzkoppe. We arrived late and luckily there was still a nice camping spot available. It’s a beautiful quiet area and a perfect place to relax for a day.


The next day we went to see Swakopmund again, this time for Apfelstrudel at Cafe Anton! What a funny town this is, a German settlement in Namibia. Just as Walvisbaai, the town we drove passed the next morning. We went to check out the lagoon and drove 30 km on the beach to foggy pelican point, where you cannot only see pelicans but also flamingos and sea lions.


From Walvisbaai we were heading back into the heat, to Sossusvlei. Good thing that the drive was so beautiful because our radio could not handle the 320 km of corrugated road. And after so much corrugation we were also happy to arrive at the campsite. The next morning we went into the park early, because climbing Big Daddy at 45 degrees Celcius would kill us both. Even at 9 o’clock climbing this dune was a bit too much for us. We came half way and walked around Deadvlei. By that time we were sweating like pigs and after a quick look into Sesriem Canyon we jumped into the tiny but icy cold swimming pool at the campsite.


Via Aus and the valley of the wild horses we visited Kolmanskop, a diamond mining ghost town near Luderitz. The guided tour gave us the interesting facts and after that we roamed on our own through the former houses of the very rich Germans. Nature is dissolving this historical place and it’s fascinating to see. We ended the day with some great seafood in Luderitz, treating ourselves because we were on the road for half a year!


After visiting Diaz point the next morning we continued our way to the Fish River Canyon. It’s the second largest canyon in the world and it looks a lot like the biggest one, the Grand Canyon. We drove and walked up to the most southern end and enjoyed lunch with canyon views.


Namibia, what a wonderful country. The country with the most variety we have seen on our trip. We’ve had one of our hottest and one of our coldest days within 100 km. The landscape is just stunning and changing constantly. All the bumpy roads were definitely worth it!

One thought on “Rocks, sand and sea

  1. wat een ongelofelijk mooie fotoserie is dit. Kan me echt voorstellen dat dit het mooiste stukje is van jullie avontuurlijke reis.


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