Elephants, elephants and more elephants

We arrived in Botswana by pontoon, crossing the Zambezi river. While on the Zambia side we were harassed by fixers and money changers, in Botswana there was no one. Except for the officials, who gave us a free (finally!) visa and carnet stamp in less than five minutes. We could even pay our road taxes by card. Good job Botswana! Our first two campsites promised elephants and before even arriving at the first one we already saw elephants by the road. At night, we saw hundreds of them at the waterhole. An amazing feature of the Senyati camp is that you can watch them underground from a bunker. At the next campsite the elephants were getting even closer. One big male ran straight towards us – or at least that’s what we thought – he was heading for a small bush a meter away to scratch his balls. Pfiew!


After more elephants at the Chobe Riverfront we wanted to explore the biggest area of salt pans in the world. Because of the rainy season we could not cross the pans, but we wanted to drive to the edge. Easier said than done, it felt like we were back on the Lake Turkana route, finding our way to the bush. But after a couple of hours driving we got our reward, the Makgadikgadi salt pan! The next days we explored the Nxai pan and the Sowa pan, both national parks with lot’s of animals in a beautiful setting. Also some tiny ones!


2 thoughts on “Elephants, elephants and more elephants

  1. zit ie op zijn tablet te kijken terwijl er een olifant naast hem staat! Guus, wat is dat? Is 1 olifant na 100 olifanten al saai? Je wordt toch niet blasee bij zo veel bijzonders. Ik verbaas me nog steeds over de foto’s, dat je dat echt allemaal ziet. wauw

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