The animals and the falls

While driving to the Zambian border we got our first puncture. Charlotte was taking some pictures of the beautiful views when Guus noticed there was a bolt stuck in the tire. After measuring the pressure (not alarmingly low, but clearly leaking) we decided to repair the tire immediately. We dug out our repair kit, read the instructions one more time and pulled out the bolt. The fix was actually pretty easy and a couple of South-Africans that passed by also confirmed that we had done this the right way. Of course we also had a Malawian spectator but he was of no help, he just wanted our shoes. We continued our way to the border.


Our first stop in Zambia was the South Luangwa National Park. The only park we could visit in Zambia; all the other parks are inaccessible because of the rain. Although we could not cover the whole park – a lot of tracks turned into pools – we were very lucky. A spectacular sighting of a leopard next to our car, six lions sleeping in the shade, two very scary aggressive elephants, lots of grazing hippos in the bush and a road full of antelope and monkeys. It was a perfect day. We arrived at our campsite just in time because we got hit by a huge thunderstorm, turning the campsite in a pool of mud. Time to go to bed.


We stayed another day at the campsite overlooking the Luangwa river, being surrounded by hippo, elephant and antelope. And baboons stealing food. One big male even got into our car from the back. When approached by us he made his way out via the front door, standing on the horn for a few seconds in the process. Yeez, these monkeys are cheeky. The next day we drove half way to Lusaka, doing groceries in Chipata. For the first time in ages we could choose between three (!) proper supermarkets. Shoprite, Spar and Choppies. We bought cheese and bacon for the first time in 4,5 months. Buying food (for reasonable prices) that you actually want to eat, instead of only buying what you can get, was just pure happiness. 

After another three days of driving we arrived in Livingstone. The town next to the Victoria Falls. At the campsite Guus could introduce Charlotte to David, a retired guy on a motorcycle Guus had met in Alexandria while waiting for the car to be cleared. We stayed in touch, wondering if our paths would cross and they finally did. It was nice to meet you David (I know you are reading this haha)! The next morning we went to the falls. Although it was difficult to take pictures because of the spray, the falls were amazing! The power of the smashing water is very impressive and it’s just fun to get soaking wet.


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