Bye bye Nile

Some officers are just a pain in the ass. At the Rwandan – Tanzania border we had to deal with one. While the Rwandan officer stamped out our Carnet the Passage in one second, the Tanzanian officer just said that we had to pay him $25. He did not care to explain why so obviously we refused to pay. “This is not Europe – in Africa some things work different” he said which made us even more mad. “No sir, it’s very simple. If you pay something, you get something in return. In Europe. In Africa. Everywhere. So please explain to us why we need to pay!” Because we were making a scene, the boss stepped in. The $25 was for the road tax and we had to pay the officer directly who then had to transfer the money via his phone to the bank because the bank was closed on Sunday. After the mobile money transfer we would get the receipt. Was this so freaking hard to explain? The officer clearly couldn’t care less.

Our final kilometers in Rwanda, rice fields all over!


The next day we drove to Mwanza and that included a ferry crossing. On iOverlander some other travelers had written that it took them 4,5 hours so we were stressed for time. Thankfully the road was getting better and the ferry crossing was even sort of organized. We were absolutely squeezed between the busses but all in all it took us only 2 hours. So we could enjoy a cold beer and soda at Lake Victoria before sunset. A visit to this lake was a must for us because it’s the last source of the Nile we will see on our journey. From Cairo we have followed the Nile river all the way through Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda and finally Tanzania.  


Fishermen and their lights on the lake

After a couple of pretty tiring driving days we arrived at a beautiful campsite looking over Lake Manyara. A big baobab tree, an infinity pool, lot’s of grass, clean toilets, hot showers with loads of pressure. All a camper can wish for! The pre-relaxing has begun because in a couple of days we will hop on a plane to Dar es Salaam to catch the ferry to Zanzibar the next day! Excited!


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