Did you hear that?

Since a couple of years you can visit Kidepo Valley National Park again. The northern part of Uganda has been unsafe a long time because of fights with South Sudan and conflicts with the Lake Turkana tribe. But now it’s considered safe and it should be one of the best parks in Africa without too many tourists. The dirt road to Kidepo is not travelled often and therefore in good condition. A very nice drive through small rural villages. 


Kidepo did not disappoint! The landscape is beautiful, with the hills surrounding the savanna. The park is also known for its big herds of buffalo, nicely situated in the plains or just in front of you on the road. An hour into our game drive we saw a male lion! A first for us! The lion had his eye on two warthogs but failed miserably in trying to catch them. Very cool to watch. Then he started walking on the track, just a meter in front of the car. Again, very cool.  

img_7841After a long day we drove to our campsite in the park. We ignored the fact that you have to pick up a ranger in the base camp. Pfff, we don’t need a ranger to protect us. Right? While it was getting dark we were not so sure anymore because we were all alone on the campsite except for the animal noises around us. Not knowing what is in the bush next to you is actually pretty scary. Especially since our torch broke down and we only had two small head lights. For our protection Guus made a fire and Charlotte tried not to say ‘Did you hear that?’ every second so we could both enjoy the night alone in the wilderness. Needless to say, we survived.


We continued our game driving in Murchinson Falls. Our favorite park so far because of the beautiful Nile river running through the park. And maybe because of the leopard we spotted in the tree! So exciting! A perfect ending of 2018.


In 2019 we continued to Lake Buyonyi, via the Crater Lakes. This is the Uganda we thought it would be; green forest with hills covered in tea plants. And on top of that, campsites with a view! Uganda, we enjoyed you very much and we will definitely miss the rolex (chapati with egg) for lunch! Rwanda here we come!


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