Silent night

We couldn’t remember the last time we took a walk, so it was time to seek for a forest. On our way to Uganda we stayed two nights in Kakamega Forest. A nice break from driving, which we needed before heading to our next country! IMG_7618IMG_7606From Kakamega we drove to the Uganda border. Typical chaotic crossing, very slow and overcomplicated at times. Just an example: we had our e-visum for Uganda on our phone, with a barcode ready to be scanned. But no, the e-visum needed to be on paper. Getting this print meant going outside the border, into a crapy neighborhood, finding a copy shop and a power outage in the middle of our print… Of course they just scanned the barcode from the paper. Well, I think you get the point. Three hours later we were in Uganda!

We stayed a night in Mbale, a busy town where we got our first cash (we did have to wait in line for 45 minutes!) and stocked up in supplies before heading to Sipi Falls. From the campsite we had a very nice view of the falls and we went on the coffee tour. Simon, our guide, took us into a village where they grow coffee beans and we made some coffee from scratch. It was fun to learn about the process and to see a typical Sipi town. IMG_7637IMG_7724IMG_7656Christmas we spent in Moroto, a small town in the Karamoja region. On Christmas eve we cooked ourselves a three course meal. We enjoyed our tuna-tomato salad, hamburger with potatoes and fried banana with yogurt and oreo cookies. The last time we had a dessert was in Egypt, so we were pleased 🙂 IMG_7771

On Christmas day we had a nice Ugandan lunch with the staff of the Karatunga guesthouse and we gave the family a call. At night there would be a big party next door but thankfully Theo – the owner – arranged a bush camp for his guests. The neighbour already turned up the music the night before (and this was really really really loud) so we were expecting no sleep at all. The bushcamp was situated on Mt. Moroto, in between some Karamajong villages. We had a nice meal by the campfire. A silent night on Christmas day after all. IMG_7784IMG_4082


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