Stuck in the mud

Masai Mara, the national park that promises lions, cheetahs and leopards. Even migrating wildebeest crossing that crocodile invested river if you’re in the right time of the year. Well…Masai Mara brought us a whole different adventure.  

From Nairobi we had a long drive to Talek gate. We found a campsite just outside the park and the plan was to enter the next day. That was the plan…on our route to Talek we stumbled upon a different gate. We had just driven hours on a terrible road so heading back was not really an option. So we decided to go into the park, pay our 24 hour ticket, and do a quick game drive in the two hours we had left before all gates close. Exhausted we arrived at Crocodile Camp. And then it started raining…

IMG_7431When we woke up early the next day it had stopped raining, but as soon as we drove into the park the trouble began. The roads were wet, challenging at times and we could not get to the best section of the park because the river was too high. Freaking frustrated – why are all our game drives turning into 4×4 adventures, argh! – we changed our plans and started driving towards the Mara Triangle. 

Again, very muddy roads and this time the road won. We got stuck, spinning wheels kinda stuck. So for the first time we had to pull out all our recovery gear. We got our sand plates from the roof and started digging. About 45 minutes into our recovery attempt we saw a Landrover coming our way. He stopped, asked if we had a rope (yes, sir!) and he pulled us out! Victory! We were on our way again and within minutes we saw hyena and buffalo. Thanks guys for not showing up earlier!  


Unfortunately we did not see any big cats (it just wasn’t our day), but the plains full of zebra, elephant, buffalo and all types of gazelle are definitely a memorable sight.  


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