Game drive-ing to the beach

We are ready to see some wildlife. In the previous countries most wildlife disappeared because humans claimed their land. In Kenya you can find the most beautiful national parks, but they are also very expensive. We decided to visit Samburu, Tsavo East and Masai Mara (and skipping the even more expensive Serengeti in Tanzania). First up, Samburu National Reserve! In the morning we drove through packs of bush elephants and in the afternoon, just before dark, we saw two female lions with four cups. A very successful first game drive!


And there was mud, lots of mud in Samburu…

IMG_6922IMG_6813IMG_6994IMG_6728After Samburu we had to go to Nairobi. Because we entered Kenya via Lake Turkana we were not registered yet, so we had to get our passport and carnet stamp in Nairobi. We were also driving without car insurance so we needed to arrange that as well. Luckily Chris from Jungle Junction (the campsite) could help us with that and Alex the driver took us into town to get our papers sorted. We also met a lot of other overlanders at JJ’s so we had fun swapping stories. Not so fun was the policeman pulling us over because we ‘took the inner lane on a roundabout while going straight’. He wanted to give us a fine of 100 dollars and we had to go to court the next day. Long story short, we paid him a bribe of 8 euros. We are not proud of it but this – a corrupt policeman trying to get some money for a bullshit charge – was new to us and we had driven 9 hours so we were pretty tired. For everything there is a first time. And it sure wasn’t our last corrupt policeman…we already had two other policeman asking for bribes, but this time we really did not do anything wrong so we could talk them out of it. 


Jungle Junction
We also crossed the equator!

From Nairobi we went to Tsavo East. This time we decided to camp in the park to maximize our game drive time (you have 24 hours). Which was a good thing because a huge thunderstorm hit us in the afternoon and it was very challenging to see anything, let alone game. We were struggling to get back in time. In the last kilometer (after a 20km loop) we had to cross a pool of water, which was nerve-wrecking because we did not know if there was mud beneath. In Samburu we already got stuck in the mud…So Guus jumped out to check the ground, Charlotte watched for lions and in the end Hank managed to crawl through. This was a special way to see a National Park for sure.

IMG_7140IMG_7157IMG_7191IMG_7214IMG_7236IMG_7250From Tsavo we drove to the beach. We are ahead of schedule so we are adding sights to our trip. It was time for some relaxing and Tiwi beach is bringing just that. Swimming, enjoying the view and baking pancakes, perfect.IMG_7340

2 thoughts on “Game drive-ing to the beach

  1. lieve charlotte en guus,
    hoe moet dat nou met crossing crocodile river? dat is toch in serengeti?
    ik geniet van jullie stalende gezichten op de foto’s en al he prachtigs dat jullie zien.
    dank dat ik mee mag kijken!
    en dat gnoe-buffet voor de krokodillen lijkt me eigenlijk gruwelijk.
    pas goed op jezelf en nog meer plezier
    liefs marjolein

    Liked by 1 person

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