Lake Turkana (+roadmovie)

Before going on this trip we already decided to take the Lake Turkana route into Kenya. Especially considering the heavy tribal fights in the Moyale region, we were happy that we choose this route beforehand. Not that this border is considered safe, it’s actually a no go area as well, but you really have no choice because all Ethiopian borders are dangerous. So we started our drive a bit nervous of what we were getting ourselves into. Not only because of the fighting tribes, also because of the fact that we would do some heavy off roading for the coming days in a very remote area. But hea, you only life once right! IMG_6593Now, four days later, we are shaken to bits and freaking proud that we did this together. During the first two days we only saw one other vehicle and some tribe villages. The people looked very beautiful with lots of jewelry. Some men had guns but we did not see anything violent. We crossed dry river beds, drove into soft sand and hard sharp rocks. We lost the track (you cannot say there is a road) and found the track back (thank god). It was definitely challenging at times, but the changing landscape was mesmerizing as well. After 9 hours of driving we put up our tent in a dry river bed behind some trees to protect us from the wind.

IMG_6587The next day was even more heavy, we drove hours at 10 km/h. After lunch we finally saw Lake Turkana, a beautiful lake surrounded by lava, camels, birds and sand. We just made it to the first campsite before dark, which was a warm welcome to Kenya.


After two days we thought we would get some tarmac, but that did not happen for the next two days…Our radio and roof bars did not take the heavy corrugations well, but we are so happy that the car did not decide to fail on us. We drove 750 km on heavy off road and bad dirt tracks in a total of 30 hours and Hank has been an off road machine! Touch wood that it will stay this way! 


We passed the 10.000 km!

3 thoughts on “Lake Turkana (+roadmovie)

  1. Well done guys,so enjoy reading about your travels.Keep it up as I know how difficult it must be not having wifi and being able to connect….only in Africa!! haha. Enjoy Kenya.Still trying to convince my husband to do this…but from Cape Town to UK!

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