‘Mafia…money, money, money’ – part 2…

Last post we ended with the fact that we would get Hank back on Saturday. Which was stupid, because facts don’t count in Egypt. Spoiler…we did not get our car back on Saturday. 

The process would be easy. Three hours, Salah said. Car inspection by customs, some carnet stuff, getting our Egyptian license plates and buying two fire extinguishers (obligatory, even if you have the exact same ones they will let you buy the fire extinguishers. Mafia, remember). 

Inspection, so far so good

While Charlotte waited in the hotel lobby with all the bags (a super boring and frustrating activity), Guus went to CFS at 9h. Salah was 45 minutes late…not a great start. In the harbor the waiting game continued. Car inspection went well, but then the boss had to sign something off and there was no sign of him. After an hour he finally showed up. Unfortunately all the other employees moved in slow motion as well. Around 14.15h Salah said that we would not get the car back today, because the shop for the Egyptian license plates closed 15 minutes ago. 

Sigh….welcome in Egypt.

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, soooo tired of waiting

Only one hour, Salah said we needed on Sunday. Boy was he wrong again. But we did get Hank back. Hank was released from the port at 13:15h and we couldn’t be happier. Welcome back buddy, we missed you. Three weeks ago we drove away from home and now we can finally drive our first kilometers in Africa! Let’s go check out some pyramids! 

Yessss! Hank is back, with the Egyptian plates!


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