How Hank will carry our stuff

Most vans contain cabinets made of wood. Just google “vanbuild” and you will see picture perfect wooden or even painted cabinets. But wood is heavy and Hank is already a bulky beast so we want to keep our storage unit in the back as light as possible.

We decided to use aluminum profiles and plastic connectors ( to make the frame and we will use crates and a cargo net for all our belongings. We are both engineers so of course we had to make some 3D computer models. Useful in the beginning, but as soon as we made the first layer of the frame we drifted off from our original plan. Building something into a car is not as straight forward as you might think…

The most difficult part was connecting the frame to the car. We did not want to drill any new holes in the exterior, so we used existing holes (with and without threat) to make anchor points. Not only the frame, also the chairs, table and jerrycans need to be fixed to the car. In case of an accident we don’t want anything heavy flying around.

Together with the cooking area in the door (thanks again Bernadette for making the cutlery bag) it’s all finished! Time to take it for a ride, next week we will be in Zeeland for a couple of days!



IMG_4205     IMG_4189


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