Vive la France!

The best way to prep for a big trip is to go on a little trip. We also needed a break, so we went to see beautiful Normandy in France. Via Bray-Dunes, on the border between Belgium and France, we drove to Yport and Étretat. This area is best known for its chalk cliffs, which give very pretty views. We also experienced our first cold night here. So far we always brought our fluffy beddings and we sure love to tuck ourselves in, but we concluded that they are just too big to bring to Africa. It will probably not fit and they are definitely not practical, so we have to find some new, warm, but not so fluffy 😦  beddings.


Although it was cold at night, the first couple of days were pretty warm. Great weather to test our second battery, which we just installed! The battery had enough juice to power the new fridge, a Mobicool FR40, our phones, iPad and drone. It was not even close to being empty. Maybe we don’t need solar panels after all?


Our road trip continued to Honfleur, a picturesque harbor village. We planned to hop by but decided to grab lunch and the French don’t do quick lunches 😉 We filled our bellies with camembert, seafood and crêpes and we arrived late at our campsite near the D-day beaches.

Lunch in Honfleur

Next days were full of history. We visited Arromanches, Omaha beach, misty Pointe du Hoc and Sainte-Mère-Église. We went to museums, cemeteries and historical sites. Don’t skip the Airborne museum in Sainte-Mère-Église. The town itself is a quite touristy (famous for John Steele, a paratrooper hanging in the church) but the museum is great. All cemeteries in the area are worth a visit, we went to see three (mixed, American and German) and they are all very impressive.

Normandy American Cemetery near Omaha Beach

Next time when you consider going to France, give Normandy a go! The weather in the south may be better but the history, cute little towns and ocean views definitely make up for it!

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